Polished Concrete Floors Gig Harbor

Polished-Concrete-Floors-Gig-Harbor-WAIf you are looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly and long-lasting flooring system for your property in Gig Harbor, WA, Custom Polished Concrete recommends polished concrete floors with custom concrete finishes.

We have been laying concrete floors and transforming their drab, grey surfaces into shiny and colorful concrete finishes since 1982.

The concrete polishing services we offer in Gig Harbor include:

• Installation of residential and commercial polished concrete floors
• Concrete polishing services for new construction and remodeling projects
• Custom concrete finishes with stained/colored concrete and epoxy coatings

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible polished concrete floors with custom concrete finishes in every flooring project we handle.

We incorporate the latest advancements in concrete grinding and concrete polishing technology and hire only highly skilled veterans to ensure that the polished concrete floors with custom concrete finishes we install meet and exceed our Gig Harbor customers’ expectations.


Concrete Polishing Gig Harbor

Concrete-Polishing-Gig-Harbor-WAWhen you hire us, you get the benefit of our long experience in concrete polishing and custom concrete finishes.

We work with an attention to detail on all aspects of the job to ensure installation of polished concrete floors with the maximum possible beauty, durability and value for your Gig Harbor property.

The features that make us a leader in Gig Harbor for concrete polishing and concrete finishes include:

• Business certified with Arizona Polymer Flooring Materials
• Provide detailed information about polished concrete floors
• Courteous and patient to ensure a pleasant concrete polishing experience
• Decorative concrete finishes for both new and old polished concrete floors
• Polished concrete floors that add beauty to your Gig Harbor property


Concrete Finishes Gig Harbor

Concrete-Finishes-Gig-Harbor-WAPolished concrete floors with our concrete polishing service and custom concrete finishes are considered excellent, sustainable flooring options as they offer aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions while using minimal additional materials.

Highly-advanced techniques and tools are deployed in our concrete polishing service to refine the polished concrete floors and bring out their natural sheen.

A number of colorants, stains, and dyes may be put to use to create polished concrete floors with unique, decorative concrete finishes.

There are several benefits to having polished concrete floors for your Gig Harbor property, such as:

• They are LEED friendly
• They are installed very quickly and don’t disrupt customers’ routine work
• They offer increased reflectivity and reduce interior lighting needs
• Polished concrete floors are stain-resistant and are not very slippery

If you’re looking to have some of the best polished concrete floors with custom concrete finishes in Gig Harbor, Custom Polished Concrete is the expert to go to. Reach us at 206-953-9810 and ask more about our concrete polishing services.