Polished Concrete Floors Issaquah

Polished-Concrete-Floors-Issaquah-WAWouldn’t you like to get a flooring system for that makes your property in Issaquah, WA more beautiful as well as environmentally friendly?

This is what polished concrete floors with our concrete polishing service and custom concrete finishes offer. No wonder they are quite the rage in Issaquah commercial and residential flooring today.

It is time you hired the Issaquah concrete polishing professionals at Custom Polished Concrete to give you attractive and sturdy floors in concrete finishes of your choice.

We have been in the industry since 1982 and have since built an impressive name for installing superior polished concrete floors with our concrete polishing service and custom concrete finishes in Issaquah.

The exceptional success and growth we have achieved for our polished concrete floors and custom concrete finishes in Issaquah can be credited to our:

• Knowledgeable, trained, and experienced technicians
• Highly-advanced concrete polishing equipment
• Genuine interest in providing Issaquah customers with best polished concrete floors


Concrete Polishing Issaquah

Concrete-Polishing-Issaquah-WAThe multi-step concrete polishing process we use in Issaquah works on concrete floors to refine them to such a degree that they come to resemble granite, marble, or natural stone surfaces.

Moreover, the resultant polished concrete floors with custom concrete finishes are very easy to maintain and do not call for any coating, waxing, or frequent concrete polishing.

We have installed countless polished concrete floors with our concrete polishing service and custom concrete finishes for homes in Issaquah as well as high traffic commercial spaces and are eager for an opportunity to serve you too.

The features that help our concrete polishing services score over the competition include:

• Focused on delivering excellent and honest services for all polished concrete floors
• Use innovative techniques to offer endless variety in concrete finishes
• Quick services, but without compromising on the concrete polishing process
• Assurance of excellent customer care and a hassle-free concrete polishing project


Concrete Finishes Issaquah

Concrete-Finishes-Issaquah-WAWe strive at excelling in decorative concrete finishes and setting new standards for the industry to follow.

Our concrete polishing technicians keep themselves updated with the evolving trends in concrete finishes and can create polished concrete floors in custom concrete finishes ranging from the simple to the elaborate, the elegant to the rustic.

The colors and stains we use in our polished concrete floors with custom concrete finishes blend with the unique features of your surface to give you a distinctive looking floor.

Whether you want simple polished concrete floors, acid stained concrete flooring systems, or epoxy floor coatings, we can give your floors the concrete finishes you desire.

Apart from beautiful looks, our polished concrete floors offer other benefits to your Issaquah property:

• Sustainable, green flooring system
• Safe and slip resistant even after fresh concrete polishing
• Low-cost installation and concrete polishing maintenance
• Highly reflective, energy-efficient flooring option

Hire the trusted experts in polished concrete floors. Call Custom Polished Concrete at 206-953-9810 and ask about our concrete polishing and custom concrete finishes.