Polished Concrete Floors Poulsbo

Polished-Concrete-Floors-Poulsbo-WAJust like all polished concrete floors are not the same, all concrete flooring contractors are also not equal!

To get the best returns from your flooring investment, it is important to choose an experienced concrete polishing professional you can count on for creating polished concrete floors with custom concrete finishes that you will enjoy for decades to come.

The residents of Poulsbo, WA can find such an expert in Custom Polished Concrete.

Since 1982, we have been serving the Poulsbo, WA community with superior polished concrete floors with our concrete polishing service and custom concrete finishes.

We take pride in our unmatched standing in the Poulsbo, WA concrete polishing industry that has been built around our founding principles of:

• Integrity in all contracts for polished concrete floors
• Professionalism during all concrete polishing jobs
• Reliability in all areas of service
• Affordability for concrete polishing and concrete finishes


Concrete Polishing Poulsbo

Concrete-Polishing-Poulsbo-WAWe serve our Poulsbo residents with a thorough and effective concrete polishing process that morphs their ordinary concrete floors into smooth, gleaming and beautiful polished concrete floors.

The polished concrete floors we produce in Poulsbo with our concrete polishing service and custom concrete finishes are not only brighter and easier to clean & maintain, but also stronger and more durable than they were before the refining.

We create them in unique concrete finishes that reflect your tastes.

We also offer our concrete polishing services and custom concrete finishes for remodeling projects. Our expert concrete polishing technicians use powerful machines to remove layers of accumulated dirt, pollutants, and stains from old floors to reveal clean, new-looking polished concrete floors.

The distinguishing features of our concrete polishing and concrete finishes business in the Poulsbo area include:

• Updated machinery and techniques used to ensure quality polished concrete floors
• Resources to handle concrete polishing projects of different sizes
• Quick turnaround time for polished concrete floors and custom concrete finishes
• Concrete finishes in multiple hues and in matt or gloss


Concrete Finishes Poulsbo

Concrete-Finishes-Poulsbo-WAThe appeal of our polished concrete floors with our concrete polishing service and custom concrete finishes lies in their unmatched beauty and versatility.

All polished concrete floors we work on can be enhanced with personalized concrete finishes to give every Poulsbo customer’s flooring a unique look.

We make use of stains, dyes, and acids in several colors that react with the inherent properties of polished concrete floors to produce exquisitely good-looking concrete finishes.

It is hardly surprising for us to find many people mistaking these polished concrete floors for marble, granite, or stone floors.

We provide Poulsbo clients with polished concrete floors and concrete finishes that offer many benefits, such as:

• Cleaner environment due to polished concrete floors easy cleanliness
• Energy efficiency
• Exceptional durability with our without custom concrete finishes
• Negligible maintenance costs and low-frequency concrete polishing
• Slip resistance even after fresh concrete polishing

Call 206-953-9810 and get your estimate for polished concrete floors with our concrete polishing service and custom concrete finishes in Poulsbo from Custom Polished Concrete.