Stained Concrete Seattle

Stained-Concrete-Seattle-WADecorative stained concrete floors with acid stain is an extremely versatile option in flooring that has been around for quite a long time and is very popular in residential as well as commercial settings.

Stained concrete floors with acid stain look as elegant in an industrial location as in a home, hotel, or retail store.

Custom Polished Concrete offers stained concrete floors with acid stain that can transform gray and dull concrete floors into sophisticated surfaces.

We use dyes, stains, and acids to enhance the natural variations of concrete, resulting in floors so beautiful that they are often mistaken for:

• Stone
• Granite 
• Marble surfaces

The stained concrete floors with acid stain we create may come in multiple color hues and with antique or contemporary finishes.


Stained Concrete Floors Seattle

Stained-Concrete-Floors-Seattle-WABuilders, designers, and property owners are all equally drawn to stained concrete floors with acid stain. The popularity of this flooring choice is owing to the beautiful and unique outcomes that come from combining the colors and substrates.

Dyes in a number of vibrant colors can be used to create dazzling floors. However, no concrete stained flooring comes out to be like any other. 

Another recommending feature of stained concrete floors with acid stain is that the application is very durable and lasts throughout the life of the floor. The stained concrete floors with acid stain are seamless and highly resistant to fading or chipping.

Unlike hardwood floors or carpets, they do not retain dust or other allergens and are also very easy to clean. 

The benefits of stained concrete floors with acid stain are:

• Beautiful, unique designs
• Low maintenance
• Cleanliness

Come to us for stained concrete floors with acid stain for residential and commercial applications. We offer decorative designs in unique tones and can even create stained concrete floors with layers in different colors.


Acid Stain Concrete Seattle

Acid-Stain-Concrete-Seattle-WAAcid stained concrete is an application used for adding color to concrete flooring by initiating a chemical reaction between the acid-based stain and the minerals present in the concrete surface. 

One of the most amazing features of stained concrete floors with acid stain is that there are unlimited possibilities in concrete floor finishes. You can create any kind of design you can imagine.

Each concrete floor tends to react differently to the stain with varying intensities and, therefore, the acid stain process results indistinctive stained concrete floors. 

We use quality acid stain products for acid stain concrete floors and finish it with a high quality sealer to present you with an elegant looking stained concrete floor that lasts for decades.

Stained concrete floors with acid stain look great in:

• Homes
• Retail stores
• Recreational areas
• Schools
• Government buildings 

Get an attractive concrete floor by using the stained concrete services of Custom Polished Concrete. To consult our technicians, call 206-953-9810.

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